GALLO Family - "Sangre Judia" ("Jewish Blood")

As evidenced throughout this web site, the Gallo family name is truly global, in that it spans the globe in persons of every racial,
religious, national, and cultural group. It was interesting to find that the Gallo shown below was a Sephardic Jew. The history of
the Sephardic Jews is absolutely capitvating to research. It reaches beyond the stereotyped knowledge of Jewish history possessed
by most. We have dedicated a special page to this corner of our Gallo surname history. It is work in progress! We are thankful to
Ben Nahman for bringing this Gallo to our attention.
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November 11, 1698

Gallo, Luis Lopes, 18 yr. old, (trade) curtidor, son of Domingo Luis, (same trade) condemned to prison and "habito" in perpetuity.

"Curidor", means Tanner

Source: "Raices Judacas No Brasil" "Jewish Roots in Brazil". O Arquivo Secreto Da Inquisicao, "From the Secret Archives of the Inquisition." by Flavio Mendes Carvalho. This book contains names of Sephardim involved in Brazil.

Source: "Sangre Judia" ("Jewish Blood") by Pere Bonnin. A list of 3,500 Jewish names as created by the Holy Office (la Santo Oficio) of Spain. This list ia a result of a census of Jewish communities of Spain by the Catholic Church. All the names listed here are those of Jewish origin.