GALLO Family - U.S. Civil War Period

This page lists six Gallo family members known to have served in the United States Civil War. At this point our
documentation on the New York soldiers is scant, so you can help. The data for Stephen Gallo(Louisiana) is fully
documented. We would like to create a family tree from these veterans to a Gallo family unit existing today.
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Edward Gallo Not Known Private, 101st Regiment, Company A, New York Infantry Civil War Soldiers & Sailers Sytem, National Park Service
Regimental History
Juan Gallo Not Known Private, 11th regiment, Company A, Connecticut Infantry Civil War Soldiers & Sailers Sytem, National Park Service
Regimental History
Rosano Gallo Not Known Private, 163rd Regiment, Company D, New York Infantry Civil War Soldiers & Sailers Sytem, National Park Service
Regimental History
Rosario Gallo Not Known Private, 73rd Regiment, Company C & F, New York Infantry Civil War Soldiers & Sailers Sytem, National Park Service
Regimental History
Samuel Gallo Not known 10th Regiment, New York Heavy Artillery

"Sandersons's Master List of Civil War Soldiers."
Jefferson County, New York

Regimental History

Stephen Gallo August 18, 1861 Private, 11th LA Infantry, at Camp Moore, LA, then
transferred to 13th LA

State of Louisiana, Division of Archives (Microfilm)
There are some conflicting data about Stephen Gallo, such as his enlistment dates. Stephen Gallo declares on his December 12, 1898 pension application that he enlisted in "May 1861" while other military records show August 18, 1861. The spread in dates may be explained even in modern history. Most often, an enlistee "signs up" at some recruitment office, but is formally given the oath of military duty at a later date. Then there is the matter of a conflicting spelling. Stephen Gallo mustered into the 11th Louisiana Infantry as "Gallo". His 11th unit was disbanded sometime in 1862, at which time he was received into the 13th Louisiana Infantry, Company "A". His first muster card for the 13th unit shows his surname spelling as "Gallop". The same muster card has the comment: "See also 11 LA Inf as Stephen Gallo". This first prompts the thought that Stephen Gallo's real name was "Gallop". Yet, later (1864) the 13th unit muster cards revert back to "Gallo". Also, in Stephen Gallo's pension application he answers this question, "2. Give the names of the regimental and company officers under whom you enlisted and under whom you were serving at the date of your discharge", with answer, "Capt. Murphy, and afterwards transferred to 13th Reg. Co A, Capt. ??? (unreadable)", meaning Stephen Gallo, or Gallop, as one and the same person.

Pvt. Stephen Gallo was wounded at the Battle of Shiloh injured "by a shell on the left side of the face, under the left eye." Later, Pvt. Gallo was taken prisoner August 5 (another reference says 6th), 1864 near Atlanta after the Battle of Atlanta. He was captured by forces under the command of Maj. Gen. Sherman, commanding Military Division of the Mississippi. Then Pvt. Gallo "was forwarded to Capt. S. E. Jones, A.D.C., District of Kentucky, Louisville, Ky, August 11, 1864".

Pvt. Gallo was once again "forwarded", this time to the military prison at Camp Chase, Ohio, arriving August 19, 1864, where he was released by Commanding General Pris, May 8, 1865, some nine months later.

The final muster card for Pvt Gallo indicates that he took the Oath of Allegiance to the United States and it was "subscribed and sworn to at Camp Chase, Ohio, May 13, 1865". Yet, on the application for pension some 33 years later, Stephen Gallo declares "no" to the question, "12. Did you take the oath of allegiance to the United States Government at any time during the war?" Considering that the U.S. Civil War was declared over April 9, 1865 when the Confederate Commander Lee surrendered to General Grant at the village of Appomattox Courthouse, it would appear that Stephen Gallo's answer about the oath of allegiance was inaccurate. None-the-less, Pvt. Gallo returned to 613 Chartres Street, New Orleans.

Other interesting information taken from the December 12, 1898 pension application is that Stephen Gallo was not married, nor had ever been married. He declared that he had lived his entire life as a resident of Louisiana, didn't use intoxicants, and owned no real or personal property of any value. He was 5 ft. 6 in. in height, dark complexion, hazel eyes, and dark hair. He does not give a date of birth, but indicates that he was born in New Orleans, Parish of Orleans, Louisiana.

11th Regimental History

13th Regimental History