GALLO Family - New Orleans, Louisiana Period

The entry of the Gallo family name into New Orleans, Louisiana places the Gallo name in Early American history. Remember that
the United States took over Louisiana in 1804. Generally, and very generally, members of the Gallo global family first came from a
number of sources, like the Carribian Islands, free and repatriated slaves, and the provinces and islands of Italy prior to the Kingdom
of Italy (1865). The list below is somewhat like a table of contents for a book, meaning that as we further refine our source
documentation, we will link the entry to the expanded inforamtion. At this point our documentation  is scant, so you can help.
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Yr 1805 Address Found
Rosette Gallo
78 Rue Dauphine North
New Orleans (French Quarter)
New Orleans City Directory - 1805
The Rosette Gallo entry was shown as four persons, one male and one female over the age of 16, and two females under the age of 16. The persons were classified, "Gens de Couleur Libre." The translation is "people of free color", or Creoles. They were not slaves, and most probably came from Saint Dominque (Haiti).
January 26, 1808 Purchase of Slave "Marie", age 28, by Louis Gallo
Sold by Mariane Carriere for 500 Piastres.
Notary document #13 by John Lynd, Notary in the Parish of Orleans from 1805 to 1820
Yr 1840 Census Entry
John Gallo
St. Landry Parish (County)
1840 Federal Census - St. Landry Parish
Page 231, Line 18
St. Landry Parish was formed in 1805 from the Opelousas District. John Gallo is shown with 14 persons comprising his household. 8 were "Free Black Males and Females", while 11 were "Black Slaves, 8 Males and 3 Females."