GALLO Family - Roman Period

Historians tell us that it wasn't untill the mid 1500's that surnames remained constant from one generation to the next. Before then, surnames were created more by where a person lived, or what they did as an occupation. Very simple example. If one's name was James, to identify this James from another James, the first James might be "James the Carpenter" (James Carpenter) and the second, "James by the River" (James River). If the person moved, or changed occupation, trouble!

Julius Caesar officially conquered Gaul (one form of Gallo) in 58-51 BC, beginning the Gallo-Roman era of Provence, a region in present-day southwestern France. Julius Caesar is attributed with giving title to the Celtic region of Gaul, calling those who resided there "Galli," plural, "Gallo, singular" We are told by linguistic scholars "that Gaul, whether Gallo, Gallus in Latin, Galler or Waller in Celtic, Waller or Walah in German or Gaullois in French carry the meaning, 'stranger.'" So, it may be beyond speculation that the Gallo surname may have originated in Provence, meaning something like "James from Gallo", then becoming, James Gallo. Our goal is to "nail" down this Gallo surname name derivation in the future. 

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circa 350 Africus Syragius Gallo, Roman Governor More Information
circa 520 Maurilion Gallo,
Patrician of Roman Empire
In research
circa 523 Ansbertus Gallo, Roman Senator In research